THE 90 DAY, $100,000 CHALLENGE

Calgary's Top Event of 2020 For Coaches, Authors, Speakers and Consultants

Take your life, business, relationships and wealth to the next level and beyond
Increase your wealth by accepting the challenge and successfully executing on the proven system designed by Shawn Shewchuk.

What would your life look like if you added an additional $100,000 to your bank account in the next 12 months? Now, what if I showed you how to do that in just 90 short days?

Now what if we guaranteed that, would you do it then? Stop playing small. It's your turn to play a much BIGGER game.

Believe in Yourself. We do!
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90 Days To Results


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Industry Leaders

With a global reach, Shawn Shewchuk is known as The #1 Results Coach. Through his speaking, publications, articles and videos his message has impacted millions. For over 25 years Shawn has shared his message of change as an international speaker, and through his first best-selling book, Change Your Mind, Change Your Results.

Besides his love of family and travel, he is passionate about empowering transformation with the incredible students and clients that he works with. Shawn appeared in the movie The One Minute Success System with Brian Tracy. He also produced and appeared in a second production entitled, Game Changer.


Participant Ratings

Thousands of business owners have attended Shawn’s event’s across the globe





Javelyn Consorte
Javelyn Consorte
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Such a blessing to meet Shawn and his team. He is such a positive and powerful person and wants nothing but to help others improve and better their lives and their businesses/career.
Robin Marks
Robin Marks
Business Coach
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If you are serious about your results, and you want to get to the next level and keep going, talk to Shawn. He has it all, whether business, entrepreneurship, money, relationships, leadership or achievement, Shawn will give you all the tools you need. Shawn isn't a coach, he is your partner. I highly recommend that you call him and engage him.
Roscoe Houston
Roscoe Houston
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Shawn’s conference “Change Your Results” was a inspiration here in San Diego at Influence Live! He really is the number one coach for Changing Your Results! I left inspired by the quality of speakers, and coaches that he brings together to impact lives around the world by helping them change their results.
Wealth Nation
Wealth Nation
Business Owners
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Shawn is thoughtful and a supportive coach who cares about your progress and success. He is willing to help us in anyway possible. Shawn has helped us see that a lot of your struggles in business have nothing to do with your business, yet it has everything to do with you and your ability to handle situations that come up as a business owner.

Wait, what will I learn?

Learn the 5 Levels of Branding

You will clearly understand the power of influence and how to leverage it to collapse time frames. It took me decades, you will be able to make it happen in a fraction of that time.

Get the secrets to attracting (paying) clients and how close them

Stop chasing those that don’t want to pay you, and only engage with the clients that value what you do. No more peaks and valleys.

Your Personal Results Blueprint

Throughout the weekend we will be collaborating to build your own step-by-step road map. You will start implementing on your blueprint before you leave

Get the Low-Down – 90 Days to 6 Figures

Add an additional 6-figures in as little as 90 Days when you implement and execute on your plan

Scale Up Your Business... FAST

90 Days kind of fast. Yeah, you heard that right. Get the 90 Days freedom plan working for you immediately.

Implementation “Get ‘it’ Done!”

Implement the number 1 proven system that delivers RESULTS every time. As fast as 90 Days


$97 will be refunded Sunday FOR BOTH TICKETS!  The fee is simply to reserve your seat. 





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